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Retkom empowers e-commerce growth in MENA region via orchestrating expertise, strategies and technologies to enable innovative brands & retailers to sell online and thrive in the digital economy.

E-Commerce Solutions

Guided by technology and deep expertise, we enable brand growth in the e-commerce world. Our comprehensive services include every aspect of the e-commerce experience covering; Tech solutions, store management, digital marketing, customer service and warehousing.

What We Do!

E-commerce Enablement

Your customers expect seamless experience from the first touch point to supply and shipping. Our teams of experienced eCommerce experts will help guide your brand in the MENA region market. We position your brand’s distinct advantage over competitors and make informed business decisions to succeed online in the MENA region.


Utilizing advanced technology and leading e-commerce platforms to create online stores and provide your customers with everything they need to shop from your online business.

Online Store Operations

Conducting crucial operations to sustain high performance for your e-commerce store. We optimize every touch point between your brand and your customers to ensure smooth user-centric customer experience.

Digital Marketing

Employing innovative digital marketing strategies to inspire brand loyalty and drive conversions. We invest in the entire life-cycle of e-commerce in order to drive customers from the top of sales funnel all the way to your checkout page.

Customer Service

Helping your customers every step of the way via integrating customer service with the entire consumer journey. Our customer service agents understand the local consumer in the MENA region and reflect familiarity and culture while helping your customers.

Warehousing, Fulfillment, and Last Mile Delivery

Our local and international network of shipping partners, together with our capabilities in product sourcing and warehousing enable us to easily manage the complex dynamic of the supply chain network.


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